What Social Media Has Done For Me

I remember my 10th birthday party. I got a pink shirt with a big glittery number “10” on the front. It was spaghetti strapped, so yes, I was feeling myself. It made me feel pretty. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything showing too much skin then so I was looking forward to it. This shirt looked like it was irreplaceable, unique, and the only one of its kind. So ten-year-old me is flattered by the “ooo’s” the “ahh’s” the “girl, yo shirt cute!” and the “where you get your shirt from?!” It was the first time ever. I was thinking, wow, I made an impression, that’s cool.

Not a big deal, girl. I know! However, being impressionable, a positive impressionist, is something that became vital for me at a very young age. If I’m going to have a voice, take a stand, represent, or share anything it’s going to be consistent with my morality, message and purpose.

I’ve concluded that social media is the new definition of impression. I bet you already know why. We’ve all experienced it positively and negatively. We’ve gotten lost in algorithms, numbers, evaluations and opinions. We created an artificial universe that organic beings choose to live in everyday. Fortunately for me I’m allergic to artificiality, literally and figuratively.

Social media seems to grow into the wrong direction nowadays but years ago it was the perfect place to be yourself. So I monetized off of my organic self these passed two years. That’s all. Intook that first step to openly being myself in every way. The way I talk, walk, dance, speak, dress, perform, create. All organic. All open for criticism, constructive or not.

Social media have opened doors for me, and I am forever grateful, but it has also created a wave of negative mental patterns that I battle almost everyday like stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, attachment, and constant comparison. It is, in fact… draining.

Nonetheless, it has opened my eyes, my eye rather, to the surrealism of social interaction and how I have a role in it as well. The discovery of that role is important. I’m using it right now. Instead of using social media for empty replication rather than authenticity, instead of supporting massive levels of appropriation or supporting the decline in the “empowered women empower women” movement, instead of being selfish, instead of participating in cyberbullying or spreading violence, I choose to spread LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE. My ways are my ways.

Thank you Social Media.


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