My Blog

I prefer not to be labeled. I am not a “vlogger” or a blogger or a Youtuber. I barely like the term Influencer. I’m an an artist, a creative, a content curator, an artrepreneur, a colorful combustion of ideas, phenomena and words of encouragement. Here, I just write it freely.

My Poetry

I started writing poetry when I was about 12 years old. I am now 22 years old working on the publication of my first book of collected short poetry and prose writing. I never knew people would love my pieces as much as I do. So here I will finally keep posted and public, my heart and everything, my poetry.

My Gallery

I’m a naturalist at heart. I take photos of all the beautiful pieces of earth that I visit and I want you to see what I see.

Note to Self

This is for my audience solely. Every reader that supports me (or maybe not lol) and that encourages me everyday. My supporters remind me of my worth time and time again. Now I am willing to share everything they want to know from healthy eating habits, to mental health, cosmetic beauty, staying on a budget, eco living, travel tips, social media tactics and tips, fashion (more or less lol) and the many many other intangible aspects of maintaining an overall healthy well-being.

To those who are reading this right now… Thank you.